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titiknolenglish.com (Contoh Soal TOEFL) – Hallo TNers! apakah saat ini kalian sedang mempersiapkan tes TOEFL? Atau mungkin kalian belum kenal sama sekali mengenai apa itu TOEFL! Untuk bisa mendapat hasil TOEFL dengan nilai terbaik pastinya kalian perlu banyak berlatih. Berikut merupakan beberapa contoh kumpulan soal TOEFL yang bisa kalian kerjakan dimana asaja untuk berlatih. Mau tau lebih lanjut, simak sampai habis ya..

Apa Itu TOEFL?

Mungkin kebanyakan dari kalian cukup familiar dengan istilah TOEFL. Tapi apakah kalian benar-benar mengenal apa sih TOEFL itu? Berikut Minol akan berikan penjelasan sederhana mengenai apa itu TOEFL: TOEFL merupakan tes yang telah terstandarisasi untuk mengukur kompetensi atau kemampuan bahasa Inggris seseorang yang bahasa sehari-hari di negaranya bukanlah bahasa Inggris dan orang tersebut memiliki niatan untuk bekerja atau kuliah di negara yang bahasa ibunya menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa resmi yang digunakan.

Tes TOEFL umumnya digunakan oleh institusi yang berasal dari Amerika Serikat atau Kanada, maka dari itu tes format bahasa yang diterapkan dalam TOEFL merupakan bahasa Inggris Amerika atau American English.

Berdasarkan jenis tes TOEFL saat ini terbagi menjadi 2: yaitu PBT (paper-based test) dan iBT (internet-based test). Penilaian atau skor untuk ujian PBT berkisar diantara 310 – 677. sedangkan TOEFL iBT skornya berkisar antara 0 – 120.

Format Tes TOEFL

Sebelum kalian mendaftarkan diri untuk mengikuti tes TOEFL, kiranya penting untuk kalian mengetahui bagaimana format tes TOEFL. Hal ini penting agar nantinya kalian bisa tahu dan mampu memetakan apa saja yang akan kalian hadapi saat tes TOEFL dan dapat menyesuaikan diri dengan banyak-banyak latihan.

Lebih baik lagi kalian seharusnya mulai mengikuti simulasi tes TOEFL, agar kalian cukup familiar dan tidak tergesa-gesa ketika kalian benar-benar mengerjakan TOEFL entah itu dengan format PBT maupun iBT, apa saja perbedaan dari kedua tes tersebut, berikut penjelasanya:

Internet Based Test

Reading section: 60-80 menit (36-56 pertanyaan)

Listening section: 60-90 menit (34-51 pertanyaan)

Short break: 10 menit

Speaking section: 20 menit (6 tugas)

Writing section: 50 menit (2 esai)

Paper Based Test

Listening section: 30-40 menit (50 pertanyaan)

Writing section: 25 menit (40 pertanyaan)

Reading section: 55 menit (50 pertanyaan)

TWE test: 30 menit (Menulis 1 esai)

Dari penjelasan singkat mengenai apa itu TOEFL, jadi ada gambaran kan! mengenai TOEFL. Selanjutnya kalian perlu berlatih untuk menjawab soal-soal tes TOEFL, kali ini minol akan kasih kumpulan soal TOEFL yang bisa TNers! semua gunakan untuk berlatih. Siapkan catatan kalian dan jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaanya ya TNers!

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Lengkap

Tes TOEFL sendiri terbagi kedalam 3 sesi yaitu: listening comprehension, structure and written expression, dan reading comprehension.

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Listening

Silahkan download Audio MP3 untuk materi soal listening TOEFL ini.

Notes: “Apabila TNers! menemukan kerusakan link ketika melakukan download MP3 bisa chat admin untuk konfirmasi”

Time approximately 35 minutes (including the reading of the directions for each part)

In this section of the test, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to understand
conversations and talks in English. There are three parts to this section. Answer all the questions on the basis of what is stated or implied by the speakers you hear. Do not take notes or write in your test book at any time. Do not turn the pages until you are told to do so.

Part A

Directions: In Part A you will hear short conversations between two people. After each conversation, you will hear a question about the conversation. The conversations and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Listen to an example:

On the recording, you hear:

(man) That exam was just awful.

(woman) Oh, it could have been worse.

(narrator) What does the woman mean?

In your test book, you read:

  1. The exam was really awful.

  2. It was the worst exam she had ever seen.

  3. It couldn’t have been more difficult.

  4. It wasn’t that hard.

You learn from the conversation that the man thought the exam was very difficult and that the woman disagreed with the man. The best answer to the question, “What does the woman mean?” is (D), “It wasn’t that hard.” Therefore, the correct choice is (D).

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course


A. He’ll correct the exams this afternoon.
B. The exam will be at noon.
C. He will collect the exams at 12:00.
D. The tests will be graded by noon.

A. Martha applied for a visa last month.
B. Martha’s visa will last for only a month.
C. Martha arrived last month without her visa.
D. One month ago Martha got her visa.

A. The professor described what the students should do.
B. There was a long line to register for the required class.
C. It is a requirement for each professor to teach at least one course.
D. The professor required the class to prepare an outline.

A. Chuck had improved.
B. This visit was better than the last.
C. Chuck looked at him in the hospital.
D. Chuck didn’t seem to be doing very well.

A. She thinks the tuition should be raised.
B. The semesters tuition is quite affordable.
C. She doesn’t have enough money for her school fees.
D. She has more than enough for tuition.

A. He thinks he got a good grade.
B. The history grades were all C or above.
C. No one got history grades.
D. There were no high scores.

A. The parking lots were full before 10:00.
B. It was impossible to start class by 10:00.
C. He parked the car before class at 10:00.
D. The possibility of finding a place to park increased.

A. She’s found a new ring.
B. She needs to help him find something.
C. She’s shopping for a carpet.
D. She’s thankful she has a rag.

A. In a department store
B. In a bank
C. In an accounting firm
D. In a checkout line

A. Jane usually visits San Francisco for her vacations.
B. Jane’s cousin often visits San Francisco.
C. Whenever there’s a holiday, Jane’s cousin goes to San Francisco.
D. Whenever there’s a holiday, Jane leaves San Francisco.

A. He’d really like to have something to eat.
B. Because he’s weak, he can’t eat.
C. It’s been weeks since he’s had anything to eat.
D. He hasn’t felt like eating for weeks.

A. Traffic should not be allowed.
B. She thinks that the traffic should stay outside.
C. She agrees that the traffic is noisy.
D. She’ll stay outside with the man.

A. The headings for today’s reading assignment.
B. The chance to make the headlines.
C. Her reading ability.
D. The daily newspaper.

A. The bus trip is only five minutes long.
B. The man missed the bus by five minutes.
C. The man should hurry to catch the bus.
D. The bus was five minutes late.

A. It’s not possible to pass the class.
B. She’ll definitely fail.
C. It’s always possible.
D. She shouldn’t say anything about the class.

A. She gave Tom money to pay the rent.
B. She was given money for the rent.
C. Tom borrowed money for the rent.
D. She had some money to lend.

A. The cake is extremely good.
B. He never tasted the cake. 25.
C. He wished he hadn’t tasted the cake.
D. The cake has never been very good.

A. At the corner she ran into another car.
B. She ran to Carl because she cared.
C. She unexpectedly met one of her relatives.
D. Carl was running from place to place.

A. She shouldn’t leave her purse here.
B. She’s probably in the apartment.
C. Her purse must not be in the apartment.
D. She left without taking her purse

A. The landlord failed to collect rent on the first of last month.
B. The tenants absolutely must pay rent at the beginning of the month.
C. The landlord will not fail to collect your rent on the first of next month.
D. It is important to call the landlord about rent on the first of the month.

A. Taking the car out for a test drive
B. Listening to the noises
C. Fixing the car herself
D. Getting the car repaired

A. Martha s jobs are easy.
B. It’s easy to hold two jobs.
C. It’s better for Martha to have two jobs.
D. Martha should slow down.

A. The plane took off just after he arrived.
B. He arrived just after the plane took off.
C. He wasn’t in time to catch the plane.
D. He arrived too late to catch the plane.

A. He agrees with the woman’s suggestion.
B. Parking is not free on the weekend.
C. It is not necessary for them to park.
D. He thinks they don’t have to pay.

A. He is eager to leave his job.
B. He is unhappy at the thought of retiring.
C. He couldn’t be unhappier about retiring.
D. He is retiring too soon.

A. He got the car he really wanted.
B. He didn’t get a new car.
C. The car that he got was not his first choice.
D. He didn’t really want a new car

A. Mr. Drew pointedly asked the president about the committee.
B. The president pointed to Mr. Drew’s head.
C. Mr. Drew became head of the new commission.
D. Mr. Drew was committed to the president’s appointments.

A. She felt inferior.
B. She wasn’t furious.
C. She felt there should have been more fairness.
D. She was extremely angry.

A. The man would do the dishes.
B. The plates did not need to be washed.
C. The man would not be ready to go.
D. The dishes would not be done.

A. He knew that grapes were cheaper than cherries.
B. He didn’t know that grapes were cheaper than cherries.
C. He bought grapes because they were cheaper than cherries.
D. He didn’t buy either grapes or cherries because of the price.

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Part B

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear longer conversations. After each conversation, you will hear several questions. The conversations and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Remember, you are not allowed to take notes or write in your test book.


A. Attend a football game alone.
B. Go to a sporting event.
C. Eat in the cafeteria and study.
D. See a play.

A. It’s the final game of the season.
B. It’s better than the drama department’s play.
C. It’s a very important game.
D. It’s close to the cafeteria.

A. A play.
B. A game.
C. A study group meeting.
D. Dinner in the cafeteria.

A. Saturday night.
B. After dinner in the cafeteria.
C. Sunday afternoon.
D. Maybe next weekend.

A. Trash orbiting Earth.
B. A trip by an astronaut to the Moon.
C. The overabundance of garbage on Earth.
D. Becoming space scientists.

A. From a lecture.
B. In a magazine article.
C. In a book.
D. On a television program.

A. 17,000 pounds
B. 3,000 tons
C. 3,000 pounds
D. 300 tons

A. She will be able to travel in space.
B. The problem will take care of itself.
C. Scientists will find solutions to the problem.
D. The junk will fall to Earth.

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Part C

Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear several talks. After each talk, you will hear some questions. The talks and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the best answer. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Here is an example.

On the recording, you hear:

(narrator) Listen to an instructor talk to his class about painting.

(man) Artist Grant Wood was a guiding force in the school’of painting known as American regionalist, a style reflecting the distinctive characteristics of art from rural areas of the United States. Wood began drawing animals on the family farm at the age of three, and when he was thirty-eight one of his paintings received a remarkable amount of public notice and acclaim. This painting, called “American Gothic,” is a starkly simple depiction of a serious couple staring directly out at the viewer.

Now listen to a sample question.

(A) (narrator) What style of painting is known as American regionalist?

In your test book, you read:

  1. Art from America s inner cities

  2. Art from the central region of the United States

  3. Art from various urban areas in the United States

  4. Art from rural sections of America

The best answer to the question “What style of painting is known as American regionalist?” is (D), “Art from rural sections of America.” Therefore, the correct choice is (D).

Now listen to another sample question:

(A) (narrator) What is the name of Wood’s most successful painting?

In your test book, you read:

  1. “American Regionalist”

  2. “The Family Farm in Iowa”

  3. “American Gothic”

  4. “A Serious Couple”

The best answer to the question, “What is the name of Wood’s most successful painting?” is (C), “American Gothic.” Therefore, the correct choice is (C).

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Remember, you are not allowed to take notes or write in your test book.


A. On the first day of class 46.
B. In the middle of the semester
C. At the end of class
D. In the final week of the semester

A. Later today 47.
B. By Friday of this week
C. In two weeks
D. In three weeks

A. Journal and magazine articles
B. Books from outside the library 48.
C. Books listed in student journals
D. Both books and journals

A. Two
B. Three 49.
C. Five
D. Seven

A. In winter
B. In spring
C. In summer
D. In fall 50.

A. Seasonable, with warm summers and cold winters.
B. Fairly constant and moderate.
C. Very humid.
D. Extremely hot year-round.

A. They come from the Southwest.
B. They come most days of the year.
C. They are the hardest during the night.
D. They increase the humidity.

A. Preparing for a trip
B. Writing a report about the weather
C. Beginning a study of the weather
D. Buying warm clothes for a trip

A. Modern American Authors
B. United States History
C. American Democracy
D. Nineteenth-Century American Literature

A. The death of Abraham Lincoln
B. The beauty of American democracy
C. The raising of plants
D. The maturity of poetry

A. It’s a poem about the author.
B. It’s a poem about Abraham Lincoln.
C. It’s a collection of twelve poems that remained unchanged.
D. It’s a volume of poetry that grew with its author.

A. Leaves of Grass
B. Song of Myself
C. When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed
D. American Democracy

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Structure


1. After the funeral, the residents of the apartment building……….
A. sent faithfully flowers all weeks to the cemetery.
B. sent to the cemetery each week flowers faithfully.
C. sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery each week.
D. sent each week faithfully to the cemetery flowers.

2. Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for……….
A. another pants
B. other pants
C. the others one
D. another pair

3. The committee has met and……….
A. they have reached a decision.
B. it has formulated themselves some opinions.
C. its decision was reached at.
D. it has reached a decision

4. Alfred adams has not……….
A. lived lonelynessly in times previous.
B. never before lived sole.
C. ever lived alone before.
D. before lived without the company of his friends.

5. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class……….
A. he should study last night.
B. he should have studied last night.
C. he must have studied last night.
D. he must had to study last night.

6. Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because……….
A. he must to teach a class.
B. he will be teaching a class.
C. of he will teach a class
D. he will have teaching a class

7. Having been served lunch……….
A. the problem was discussed by the members of the committee.
B. the committee members discussed the problem.
C. it was discussed by the committee members the problem.
D. a discussion of the problem was made by the members of the committee.

8. Florida has not yet ratified the equal rights amendment, and……….
A. several other states hasn’t either.
B. neither has some of the others states.
C. some other states also have not either.
D. neither have several other states

9. The chairman request that……….
A. the member studied more carefully the problem.
B. the problem was more carefulnessly studied.
C. with more carefulness the problem could be studied.
D. the members study the problem more carefully.

10. California relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and……….
A. florida also
B. florida too
C. florida is as well
D. so does florida

11. The professor said that……….
A. the student can turn over their report on the monday.
B. the report on monday could be received form the students by him.
C. the students could hand in their reports on monday.
D. the student will on monday the reports turn in.

12. This year will be difficult for this organization because……….
A. they have less money and volunteers than they had last year.
B. it has less money and fewer volunteers than it had last year.
C. the last year it did not have as few and little volunteers and money.
D. there are fewer money and volunteers that in the last year there were.

13. The teacher have had some problem deciding……….
A. when to the students they shall return the final papers.
B. when are they going to return to the students the final papers.
C. when they should return to the final papers to the students.
D. the time when the final papers they should return for the students.

14. She wanted to serve some coffee to her guests; however……….
A. she hadn’t many sugar.
B. there was not great amount of the sugar.
C. she did not have much sugar.
D. she was lacking in amount of the sugar.

15. There has not been a great response to the sale……….
A. does there
B. hasn’t there
C. hasn’t it
D. has there

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Kumpulan Soal Toefl Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension section contains reading passages and questions about the passages. The questions are about information that is stated or implied in the passage and about some of the specific words in the passages. Because many English words have more than one meaning, it is important to remember that these questions concern the meaning of a word or phrase within the context of the passage.

Answer all questions about the information in a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage.X

Read the Following Passage:

The railroad was not the first institution to impose regularity on
society, or to draw attention to the importance of precise
timekeeping. For as long as merchants have set out their wares at
Line daybreak and communal festivities have been celebrated, people
(5) have been in rough agreement with their neighbors as to the time of
day. The value of this tradition is today more apparent than ever.
Were it not for public acceptance of a single yardstick of time,
social life would be unbearably chaotic: the massive daily transfers
of goods, services, and information would proceed in fits and
(10) starts; the very fabric of modern society would begin to unravel.


1. What is the main idea of the passage?
A. In modern society we must make more time for our neighbors.
B. The traditions of society are timeless.
C. An accepted way of measuring time is essential for the smooth functioning of society.
D. Society judges people by the times at which they conduct certain activities.

2. In line 6, the phrase “this tradition” refers to
A. the practice of starting the business day at dawn
B. friendly relations between neighbors
C. the railroad’s reliance on time schedules
D. people’s agreement on the measurement of time

Read the Following Passage:

The Alaska pipeline starts at the frozen edge of the Arctic Ocean.
It stretches southward across the largest and northernmost state in
the United States, ending at a remote ice-free seaport village nearly
Line 800 miles from where it begins. It is massive in size and extremely
(5) complicated to operate.
The steel pipe crosses windswept plains and endless miles of
delicate tundra that tops the frozen ground. It weaves through
crooked canyons, climbs sheer mountains, plunges over rocky
crags, makes its way through thick forests, and passes over or
(10) under hundreds of rivers and streams. The pipe is 4 feet in diameter,
and up to 2 million barrels (or 84 million gallons) of crude oil can
be pumped through it daily.
Resting on H-shaped steel racks called “bents,” long sections of
the pipeline follow a zigzag course high above the frozen earth.
(15) Other long sections drop out of sight beneath spongy or rocky
ground and return to the surface later on. The pattern of the
pipeline’s up-and-down route is determined by the often harsh
demands of the arctic and subarctic climate, the tortuous lay of the
land, and the varied compositions of soil, rock, or permafrost
(20) (permanently frozen ground). A little more than half of the pipeline
is elevated above the ground. The remainder is buried anywhere
from 3 to 12 feet, depending largely upon the type of terrain and
the properties of the soil.
One of the largest in the world, the pipeline cost approximately
(25) $8 billion and is by far the biggest and most expensive construction
project ever undertaken by private industry. In fact, no single
business could raise that much money, so 8 major oil companies
formed a consortium in order to share the costs. Each company
controlled oil rights to particular shares of land in the oil fields and
(30) paid into the pipeline-construction fund according to the size of its
holdings. Today, despite enormous problems of climate, supply
shortages, equipment breakdowns, labor disagreements, treacherous
terrain, a certain amount of mismanagement, and even theft, the
Alaska pipeline has been completed and is operating.


  1. The passage primarily discusses the pipeline’s
    1. operating costs
    2. employees
    3. consumers
    4. construction
  2. The word “it” in line 4 refers to
    1. pipeline
    2. ocean
    3. state
    4. village
  3. According to the passage, 84 million gallons of oil can travel through the pipeline each
    1. day
    2. week
    3. month
    4. year
  4. The phrase “Resting on” in line 13 is closest in meaning to
    1. Consisting of
    2. Supported by
    3. Passing under
    4. Protected with
  5. The author mentions all of the following as important in determining the pipeline’s route EXCEPT the
    1. climate
    2. lay of the land itself
    3. local vegetation
    4. kind of soil and rock
  6. The word “undertaken” in line 26 is closest in meaning to
    1. removed
    2. selected
    3. transported
    4. attempted
  1. How many companies shared the costs of constructing the pipeline?
    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 8
    4. 12
  2. The word “particular” in line 29 is closest in meaning to
    1. peculiar
    2. specific
    3. exceptional
    4. equal
  3. Which of the following determined what percentage of the construction costs each member of the consortium would pay?
    1. How much oil field land each company owned
    2. How long each company had owned land in the oil fields
    3. How many people worked for each company
    4. How many oil wells were located on the company’s land
  4. Where in the passage does the author provide a term for an earth covering that always remains frozen?
    1. Line 3
    2. Line 13
    3. Line 19
    4. Line 32

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Reading

Passage One (Questions 1-2)

Blood pressure measurement has two components: systolic and diastolic. Systolic pressure is taken when the heart is contracting to pump blood; diastolic pressure is taken when the heart is resting between beats. In the usual blood pressure reading, the systolic measurement is given first and is the higher of the two. Normal blood pressure is a systolic measurement of 120—140, and when the systolic pressure is 160 or higher, then hypertension exists. Systolic pressure between 140 and 160 indicates borderline hypertension.


1. Which of the following is NOT true about systolic blood pressure?
A. It is taken during the contraction of the heart.
B. It is usually given first in a blood pressure reading.
C. a normal systolic measurement is 120 – 140.
D. Hypertension exists when the systolic pressure is below 140.

2. Which of the following is NOT stated about diastolic pressure?
A. It is one of the two components of blood pressure measurement.
B. It is taken when the heart is resting.
C. It is lower than systolic pressure.
D. a diastolic measurement of 140 is normal.

Passeage Two (Questions 3 – 4)

In the 1960s, as space travel was becoming a subject of much discussion, Pan American Airlines began receiving some fairly unusual requests for flight information. People began making requests to be on the first flight that Pan Am made to the Moon.On a whim, Pan Am started a waiting list for the first flight to the Moon. Similar requests have come to Pan Am over the years, and Pan Am has responded by adding the names of the requesters to the list. Unfortunately for Pan Am, the original company is no longer in business, and it never got to the Moon. However, when it went out of business, it had a waiting list of more than 90,000 names for its first lunar flight.

3. All of the following are mentioned about Pan American Airlines, EXCEPT that
A. it started business in the 1960s
B. it received requests for its first flight to the Moon
C. it kept some people on a long waiting list
D. it went out of business

4. Which of the following is NOT true about Pan Am’s Moon flights?
A. People asked Pan Am about its flights to the Moon.
B. Pan Am kept a waiting list for its Moon flights.
C. Pan Am never really made any Moon flights.
D. Pan Am’s waiting list had only a few names on it.

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL – Titik Nol English Course

Kumpulan Soal TOEFL Grammar

Directions: The questions here test your knowledge of English grammar. Each question consists of a short written conversation, part of which has been omitted. Four words or phrases, labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4, are given below the conversation. Choose the word or phrase that will correctly complete the conversation.


  1. The subway station is ……….
    1. near
    2. near to
    3. near from
    4. nearing
  2. When we woke up, everywhere was ……….
    1. covered
    2. covered by
    3. covered with
    4. covering
  3. Do earthquakes ………. often in North America?
    1. break
    2. break out
    3. happen to
    4. occur
  4. We had better ………. before it begins to rain.
    1. leave
    2. leaving
    3. to leave
    4. to leaving
  5. A large crowd ………. in front of the train station.
    1. gathering
    2. to gather
    3. had gathered
    4. had gathering
  6. In winter, driving accidents occur quite ………. on the
    1. frequently
    2. many
    3. much
    4. a few
  7. Would you like to ………. to the United States?
    1. trip
    2. voyage
    3. travel
    4. went
  8. Most people at some stage have a feeling ……….
    1. responsible
    2. responsibility
    3. of responsibility
    4. to be responsible
  9. This stadium can hold ……….
    1. much audience
    2. a large audience
    3. much audiences
    4. many audiences
  10. When the mountain forests ………. there can be large forest
    1. become dry
    2. becoming dry
    3. become drying
    4. drying
  11. “What kind of work are you doing for that company?” “I’m ………. as an administrator.”
    1. worked
    2. occupied
    3. hired
    4. employed
  12. “I don’t want to buy anything, do you?” “Yes, I’d like to buy ………. ”
    1. pencil
    2. much pencils
    3. any pencils
    4. some pencils
  13. We can ………. sports on Saturday if you’d like
    1. do
    2. have
    3. play
    4. enjoy
  14. ………. the hotel rooms are reserved throughout peak
    1. Almost
    2. Almost of
    3. Almost all of
    4. Most of all
  15. “Where did you work before? “I worked only minutes ………. railroad ”
    1. from
    2. from the
    3. near
    4. away
  16. “I don’t think it will rain at all today, do you?” “No, I ………. ”
    1. think not
    2. not think
    3. don’t think
    4. do think not
  17. We have only another five I think we ……….
    1. hurry
    2. be hurry
    3. to hurry
    4. should hur
  18. Many fans showed up at the They were ………. the big game.
    1. anxious seeing
    2. anxious to see
    3. to anxiously see
    4. to see anxiously
  19. “Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?” “I met many ………. ”
    1. grandly
    2. celebration
    3. fame
    4. prominent
  20. “John isn’t sure that the meeting will be held ” “But I ………..”
    1. certain
    2. certainly
    3. am certain
    4. am certainly
  21. My brother loves to watch baseball; I ……….
    1. prefer to watch
    2. to prefer watching
    3. watch preferring
    4. preferring to watch
  22. Many people are waiting for the news It will ………. soon.
    1. be circulate
    2. circulate around
    3. come near
    4. come around
  23. I think our guests will ……….
    1. be here shortly
    2. shortly be here
    3. here be shortly
    4. here shortly be
  24. Who ………. when John is likely to turn
    1. know
    2. do know
    3. is knowing
    4. knows
  25. The managers are ………. a new work schedule
    1. arranging
    2. arranging up
    3. be arrange
    4. to arranging

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