This is a great opportunity for someone who are passionate about teaching, traveling, giving a solid contribution to the locals and experiencing the way of Indonesian livings. We offer you to experience and discover great social projects you can participate and contribute in. As a volunteer you can give something back to the welcoming locals; supporting our English school, helping underprivileged youngsters to raise their future perspective, getting involved in our farming project, traveling, and many other interesting activities.



The program generally will be conducted at TITIK NOL ENGLISH COURSE Kampung Inggris (English Village) Pare, Kediri, East Java Indonesia. English village is a name for a small village which was developed as a learning centre of English informally. Located in semi-developed district with deep Javanese living culture and surrounded by many tourism places.



1. Teaching in Adult English class (approximately 2-3 hours per day) Monday to Friday.

Teaching teenagers can be fun. We have numerous students from all around Indonesia who are passionate about English and international culture. They would be very excited to meet you here. In this class you will teach about daily English expression and conversation, cultural understanding, social activities, etcetera.

2. School visits (every week, on Saturday or Sunday)

In this program, we reach the local elementary school to bring the atmosphere of Learning through play. Having fun and growing minds, letting the kids learn to make sense of the world around them. This is aimed to develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain their self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

3. Farming experiences (every week, Saturday or Sunday)

Volunteers who love to work outdoors and get their hands dirty can be a great participant in our farming project. Here, we will let you feel the real experience of being a farmer. We will let you check the paddy field, preparing the lands, watering them and do other related duties, and of course learn the agriculture insight from the local farmers.

4. Indonesian Cooking Class (every week, Saturday or Sunday)

Indonesian food is one of the world’s greatest cuisines, and this is a definite step to discover the incredible of its. Every week you will have a chance to step in traditional market to find the cooking supplies, bargaining the price with the local seller, learning the uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine, and cook with an experienced chef and our students together.

5. Traditional Music Learning Class/Gamelan Learning Class. (every week/ Wednesday night)


Gamelan is one of the most common known traditional instrumental ensemble of Indonesia. For most Indonesians, gamelan is an integral part of Indonesian culture. At night, we will visit the Gamelan Community studio in Kediri city, learning how to play this epical instrument, and figure out the meaning of this for Javanese Indonesian people.

6. Traveling (every 2 week Saturday or Sunday)

East Java has been known well as the most favorable region to be visited when you are in Indonesia. It is a wild, rolling region of dizzying peaks, smoking volcanoes and unspoilt panoramas. We will take you to the best trip offered by the mother nature of Indonesia. While all volunteers are free to manage their own vacation in their leisure time, we usually run this trip every two weeks.



This program is available in all along the year, with minimum volunteering duration is 8-10 weeks.



1. Valuable social and cultural experiences

2. Long lasting global networks

3. Certificate of Teaching Completion and Certificate of Appreciation.

4. Free accommodation (shared rooms), with free Internet access.

5. Local transportation and Food allowances.

6. Free Traveling around East Java

Note: all participants have to manage their own visas, health insurance and travel fares.



• Open to all passionate individuals from any countries.

• Love teaching, traveling and learning new cultures.

• Age requirements: varies around 15 to 50 years old

• Capability in basic Indonesian Language will be an advantage

• Healthy and capable to complete all the programs.



• This volunteering program is waived from any cost.



1. COMPLETE OUR APPLICATION FORM: The first step is to complete an online application form. (Click here)

2. RESPONSE TO YOUR APPLICATION FORM: After receiving your application we will assess your suitability and if selected you will be placed in our programs. Acceptation depends on availability and suitability within the programs. A short interview via Skype may be requested prior to your application being approved.

3. PLACEMENT INFORMATION: We will then email your complete acceptance letter.

* Please note: Volunteers are obliged to attend the orientation program on the Saturday or Sunday afternoon.



While East Java is an amazing vacation place, volunteers are encouraged to take their work seriously. Always keep your impact on the local community in mind and make sure to be respectful. Take time to relax on vacation while also working hard to make a real difference.



Please keep in touch with us if you have any questions.

Phone : +62 813 7915 0271

Email : volunteer@titiknol-english.com